We develop and invest in real estate, facilitating transformative change in society

Consistent Alpha Powered by Our Unique Approach

Delivering out-sized returns starts with a differentiated approach. We approach projects with a” jobs-to-be-done” mentality, not restricting ourselves to thinking within traditional real estate segments (commercial, residential, industrial, etc.). Understanding the ‘job’ for which customers “hire” the space, we develop and invest in real estate products well-tailored to what customers are already trying to do, most times unsaid.

Consistent Alpha

Nimble Operator

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Our Approach

How We Build

We strive to make a positive impact on both the environment and the well-being of individuals

How We Lease

We aim to enhance overall value for both tenants and investors through strategic optimization.

How We Add Value

Participate and fuel the growth of the backbone of the U.S Economy

9606 is the evolutionary ID for Homo Sapiens among all organisms

We believe in the evolutionary nature of human society and see real estate as a reflection of this ongoing transformation. Our investment strategy reflects these beliefs and continues to evolve along with the world we live in.