How We Build

Elevating People and our Planet through Improved Construction

Building a structure, regardless of its nature, can be likened to the intricacies of a Lego game. However, the process entails challenges far beyond the mere assembly of "blocks." In confronting these obstacles, our unwavering priority is to prioritize the well-being of both individuals and the environment.

Fueled by a wealth of sustainable strategies, our methodology consistently generates satisfaction among customers, fosters harmonious communities, and yields contented investors.

A testament to our principles and achievements is showcased in the image on the right, depicting our noteworthy accomplishment in developing a 100,600-square-foot self-storage facility within the Borough of North Arlington.

A Creative &
Sustainable Solution

During the project's inception, a third-party environmental and geotechnical consulting firm provided a disconcerting report: the designated site was contaminated, and it featured a dilapidated 2,000-square-foot structure. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Management expressed significant concern due to soil conditions and the presence of hazardous substances such as lead-based paint and asbestos within the building. Rectifying these issues was estimated to incur a cost of approximately $2 million.

Given the project's total budget of $17.2 million, effectively addressing this $2 million challenge became the pivotal factor in achieving an internal rate of return (IRR) below 15% or exceeding 20%. Moreover, the chosen solution would impact the extent and duration of disruption experienced by the surrounding community and its residents.

We dedicated months to meticulous planning and analysis, considering scheduling, costs, and potential environmental and neighborhood impacts. Ultimately, instead of adhering to conventional protocols that would have incurred a $2 million expense, we employed a creative approach. We repurposed the clean debris resulting from the demolition of the old structure to backfill the area beneath our parking lots and structure. Subsequently, our skilled engineers meticulously "capped" the environmentally contaminated soils on-site, effectively preventing material deposition in landfills and ensuring the safety of our neighbors.

By adopting this approach, we not only saved sufficient funds to responsibly dispose of all debris in a specialized waste landfill but also acquired additional materials for the site's backfill. Consequently, we accelerated project completion timelines and mitigated the distress experienced by the local community.

This exemplary instance exemplifies how our building-level expertise translates into noteworthy economic, environmental, and social advantages for our society.

Community-Focused Builder

When we embarked on our construction endeavor, an unexpected challenge emerged: the absence of water access. This predicament was not unique to us but also affected numerous businesses along the Belleville Turnpike, including our neighbor Paul, the monument maker. Despite being less than 10 miles away from Manhattan, the local water authority had imposed restrictions on water supply following the events of 9/11, as a precaution against potential threats.

During our interactions with Paul, we discovered that for 15 years, he had been compelled to transport water for his granite-cutting operations, with no access to water for his restrooms. Witnessing the unnecessary burden placed upon this hardworking small business owner, we recognized the need to alleviate his struggles. While it was possible to undergo an extensive and rigorous certification process to gain water access, we acknowledged that such a path required technical expertise, dedicated efforts, and financial resources that most local small businesses simply could not afford.

Thus, as we initiated our application, we conscientiously incorporated Paul's needs into our plan. Without hesitation, we took it upon ourselves to design, install, and fully fund the additional 120 feet of water main necessary to provide Paul's business with the crucial access to water. His gratitude for our act of kindness was immeasurable. This is yet another illustration of our commitment to constructing not only spaces that serve specific purposes but also vibrant communities that thrive and connect.